Update 11/9/22:

Transition Town Port Washington is advocating to stop high rise development and to save our shorelines.  Visit their website to sign the petition: Save Our Shoreline — Transition Town Port Washington (transitiontownpw.org)

Update 2/12/21:

The petition includes links and information on accessing the draft scope written by SLC and how you can help oppose this development.



Multi-Unit Residence Construction on West Shore Road

145 West Shore Road – Southern Land (SLC Development, LLC)
Southern Land Company Development, LLC has filed a petition to rezone a 7.17-acre parcel at 145 West Shore Road from ‘Residence-AAA’ to ‘Multiple Residence’ to enable the construction of a 7-level, 176-unit multiple residence with a 29-slip public marina. The apartment building will be located on Hempstead Harbor between Tilcon and North Hempstead Beach Park.

This filing begins a long public review process beginning with a State mandated environmental review. There will be several required public hearings and multiple opportunities for public participation before the Town Board can vote on whether to approve the rezoning.

Link for Southern Land Company’s proposed 176 unit project: https://145westshoreroad.com/

The Beacon Hill Residents Association (BHRA) Board met with representatives of Southern Land on Oct. 4, 2020 to review their proposed apartment development plan again. Our representative to Community Affairs and other community representatives met with them earlier in the year for an initial review of their proposal. BHRA told Southern Land in a letter dated June 25, 2019 c/o Zimmerman Edelson addressed to Dustin Downey, SLC “we believe it is not a manageable location for this apartment house project.”

Letter from Beacon Hill Residents Association

The purpose of this letter is to inform you of the details of Southern Land’s plan, provide context, and solicit your feedback. The BHRA Board recommends opposition to the development and the engagement of our neighborhood, civic organizations, town districts and the Town of North Hempstead to join in this opposition.

It is the position of the BHRA Board that the Southern Land development will put undue stress on the infrastructure of the entire Port Washington peninsula now and in the future:

• Adding 176 more apartment units and approximately 300 cars could further aggravate current PW traffic congestion on major streets of PW such as Beacon Hill Rd., Longview Rd. Main St. and PW Blvd.

• Today there are approximately 51 rentals available in the 11050 zip code.

o Zoning changes on Manhasset Bay from Sunset Park to Dolphin Green will add another 15 units/acre, a potential total of about 135 units. There must be 40% allocated to senior housing and 80% must be one bedroom or studio. Knickerbocker apartments/condos account for 1.1 acres of the 11 acre zoning change and are exempt from the new zoning laws.

o A project in Manorhaven will add 30+ 2-bedroom apartments to be built at the Dejana site.

o Additional apartment buildings are under construction in Roslyn at Lumbar Rd behind the Village area. This could impact PW traffic should they decide to shop in Port Washington.

• In 2010 the population of the PW peninsula was 35,905 with an average arithmetic population density of 3,220.2 people/sq. mi over 11.15 sq. miles (US Census Housing and Population 1990-2010 New York, pp.25-27):
Baxter Estates 1,065 Flower Hill 4,795
Port Washington 15,600 Sands Point 2,857
Port Washington North 3,209 Manorhaven 6,620

For comparison, NY state population was about 19,826,000 with a population density of 421 people/sq. mi. Great Neck had a population of 35,893 and arithmetic population density of 4,710.4 people/sq. mile over 7.62 sq. miles; Glen Cove, a city covering 6.65 sq. mi., had a population density of 4,054.7 people/ sq.mi.

• Further construction will dramatically alter the character and quality of life of the PW peninsula.

• Increased population from just the Southern Land Co. project could affect the school, water, sewer, sanitation and parking districts as well as the police and fire departments.

• Allowing the remapping of the zoning code to Multiple Residence could set a precedent for additional development at the Tilcon and Buchanan sites. The rezoning could increase overdevelopment of Hempstead Harbor and add more traffic congestion and population to the PW peninsula.

We are performing significant due diligence to further support our opposition. We will continue to update our community as additional information is discovered and would appreciate any support you can provide. The BHRA board would like your input and opinions, support and willingness to prevent the construction of the Southern Land Co. apartments on West Shore Rd.

Please email your responses and if you would like to help to Leslye Kress at: andrewk22@verizon.net and include your name, address and/or the name of your organization.

**Rental and population data is based on zip codes, and Zillow and the cited 2010 information.
*** No reliable census data was available at the date of this letter though we have seen much
development since 2010.