It is critical that the residents of the North Shore attend this meeting in large numbers. This will be the most effective way to be sure that the Army Corps and our federal representatives will consider the negative impact that the floodgate plan will have on our community.

We need you to attend the Army Corps of Engineers’ upcoming meeting on October 24th at 5:00 pm at the Inn at Great Neck (located at 30 Cuttermill Road).

 As you may have heard, the Army Corps is studying alternatives for protecting New York City from severe storm events. A major component of some of the alternatives is the construction of massive storm surge barriers (floodgates) just west of the Throgs Neck Bridge that would close off Long Island Sound during such events. The water that would have inundated New York City would then be absorbed by the communities in the bays and harbors behind the barriers (i.e. – us). Even when the barriers are open, they would alter the ecosystem of the Sound. This needs to be studied.

Originally the Army Corps did not plan to include communities on the north shore in their meetings and it is only after considerable pushing that they have agreed to do so. Because we have been so vocal on the “induced flooding” issue, the Army Corps has taken a harder look at this and the upcoming meeting will provide us with these findings.  The Army Corps has said that any serious induced flooding will be mitigated, or the plan will not go forward.  We need to know these details and the Army Corps needs to know that this is a priority and that we are not the distant relative that you rarely visit. A strong showing will help send this needed message.

Click here for a flyer from the Army Corps with details about the meeting

Click here for letter from Bayview Colony Civic Association to the Army Corps of Engineers which further outlines the concerns with the project